Community Corrections Programs

CCNO recognizes the need to have inmates perform community service for the public. Community corrections programs also enable inmates to remain employed while serving their sentence.

Work Release: This program allows inmates to maintain their current employment while serving non-working time at CCNO. Inmates are required to pay 25 percent of their net pay for jail and court costs. They must provide their own transportation to/from work.

Electronic Monitoring/House Arrest: Screened applicants are assigned by the court to the program. An ankle bracelet is placed on an inmate's ankle and they are monitored while in the community. Inmates can continue working or attend court ordered programs while restricted to their home at specified times. All participants must pay to be in the program unless declared indigent by the court. Placement varies from 15 days to 6 months. In 2020 CCNO lowered the cost of electronic monitoring options to aid inmates in having the ability to participate in this program.