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To fulfill our mission, CCNO must recruit highly qualified men and women to become Corrections Officer professionals. CCNO is dedicated to making its employees their number one resource. We are committed to providing employees with new and innovative training, growth opportunities and professional development.

Come join us and be part of the innovation!

What is a Corrections Officer?

A Corrections Officer is the individual who is responsible for supervising inmates by maintaining discipline and security within a corrections institution or facility.

CCNO is a direct supervision jail. As such, a Corrections Officer is in direct contact with inmates in the units. This personal interaction with inmates is an essential element in the continued success of our new generation jail.

What does a Corrections Officer Do?

The first and foremost responsibility of a Corrections Officer is security. Maintaining security involves a variety of duties. Some of these duties are considered to be traditional security responsibilities while others are not.

The following are examples of Corrections Officer duties. This list is not inclusive:

  • Transportation of inmates in and around the facility.
  • Provide assistance and back-up to other personnel in an emergency.
  • Monitor the safety, security and care of inmates while following established procedures for movement and control.
  • Perform bed checks and inmate counts.
  • Inspect facility for security infringements and violations.
  • Complete intake or release processes for inmates.
  • Maintain necessary records to include log books.
  • Conduct orientation and instruct inmates in socially acceptable behavior.
  • Supervise recreational activities such as sports, games, calisthenics, etc.
  • Supervise and control visitations by family and friends.
  • Deliver meals to inmates or supervise during inmate meals.
  • Prepare daily shift reports and incident reports when required by policy.
  • Other duties as required or assigned.

What are some of the positions I may be assigned as a Corrections Officer with CCNO?

Some of the positions you may be assigned to throughout the facility include:

  • Control Room Officer
  • Housing Unit Officer
  • Intake Officer
  • Movement Officer

All of these assignments are considered to be interchangeable and equivalent in nature. However, additional training may be required for some positions.

Is there room for growth?

Yes, after the twelve month introductory period has been successfully completed, Corrections Officers are eligible to apply for other positions within the various fields of corrections, provided such openings exist. Examples of these positions are:

  • Classification Specialist
  • Community Corrections Specialist
  • Electronic Monitoring Specialist
  • Laundry Specialist
  • Recreation Specialist
  • Transportation Officer
  • Corrections Supervisor

Do I need prior experience?

No prior corrections or law enforcement experience is necessary to become a professional Corrections Officer. Even though prior experience is not necessary, some experience in Criminal Justice, Social Work or Supervision is helpful. A college education in these and other related areas is also helpful.

Are there any requirements that must be met to become a Corrections Officer with CCNO?

Yes, you MUST:

  • Be 18 years of age
  • Possess a valid driver's license
  • Possess a valid high school diploma or GED certificate
  • Not have had a criminal conviction
  • Maintain residence in the five county area served by CCNO which includes the counties of Defiance, Fulton, Henry, Lucas and Williams, or an adjacent county to a member jurisdiction, to include adjacent counties in Indiana and Michigan.

Will I be trained and what will the training include?

Yes, you will be trained. CCNO will provide you with at least four weeks of specialized classroom training at no expense to you. You will be paid your hourly rate of pay during the training. Upon completion of this training, you will be required to take, and pass, a state certification examination. You will also be required to successfully complete a new employee orientation and on-the-job training program throughout your introductory period.

Your training will include, but is not limited to, the following topics:

  • Overview of the Criminal Justice System and the Standards for Adult Jails
  • Communications and human relations
  • Constitutional issues, civil and criminal liability
  • Inmate and officer rights
  • Basic security duties and responsibilities
  • Abnormal behavior recognition and handling
  • Unarmed self-defense
  • Appropriate CCNO policy and procedure

How do I apply to become a Corrections Officer?

In order to become a professional Corrections Officer at CCNO, you must first submit a completed application and criminal/traffic history authorization form to the CCNO administrative offices. Applications can be dropped off or mailed to 03151 County Road 24.25, Stryker, Ohio 43557-9418.

To submit your employment application online:

  • The employment application is available as a fillable PDF and is linked below.
  • Open and save the application. Please note that if you don't save the blank application prior to inputting your information, it will not save what you've entered and your application will be blank when you submit it to HR.
  • Once completed, save the PDF to your local computer or device.
  • A legible scan/photo of your driver's license must be submitted along with your application.
  • Click the 'Browse'/'Choose Files' button to select your completed application and driver's license image to upload.

Included in this summary is an Employment Application and a Request for Criminal/Traffic History Check. Please feel free to print out a copy of these documents. After you have completed the necessary forms, please submit electronically (instructions above), email, mail or hand deliver them to the above address. If mailed or hand delivered, please mark the applications to the attention of the Human Resources Manager. Completed applications can be emailed (along with a scan/photo of your driver's license) to salina.hill@ccnojail.org.

Select your completed application and driver's license image to upload:

Selection Process

Criminal History Check

Applicants will have a criminal/traffic history check conducted through the NCIC (National Crime Information Center). Should it be found that an individual has had a felony conviction, multiple misdemeanor convictions or any conviction of a violent nature, drug offense or sex related offense, that individual will not be considered for employment.

Initial Interview

Initial interviews will be conducted by CCNO on an as needed basis. The initial interview is an attempt to ascertain your suitability to the field of corrections. Minimum cut off scores must be met in order to be considered for future employment.

Background Investigation

Upon recommendation, a background investigation will be conducted. A background investigation includes the verification of your work history and personal reference checks. A negative reference may eliminate a candidate from future consideration for employment.

Physical and Psychological Examinations

Applicants will be evaluated by a physical examination and psychological evaluation. These examinations are based upon the ability to perform essential job functions. These examinations will be conducted after a conditional offer of employment has been issued.

Salary and Benefits

Corrections Officer candidates and professionals are compensated at an established rate as determined within the appropriate collective bargaining agreement. Currently the Corrections Officers starting wage is $21.39 per hour with an increase to $22.39 after a year of employment is completed.

Employees with CCNO receive a generous fringe benefits package to include the following:


All CCNO employees are required by law to participate in the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System unless otherwise excluded. This retirement system is entirely independent of the Federal Social Security system. By law CCNO contributes 14% of your annual salary to OPERS on your behalf in addition to the 10% you contribute.

Deferred Compensation:

Employees are afforded the opportunity to participate in the Ohio Public Employees Deferred Compensation program.


At the completion of 1 year of service - 2 weeks
At the completion of 7 years of service - 3 weeks
At the completion of 14 years of service - 4 weeks
At the completion of 21 years of service - 5 weeks
At the completion of 28 years of service - 6 weeks

Personal Day:

All employees receive two personal days off with pay per year following the completion of six months of employment.

Discretionary Days:

Up to four additional days off with pay, known as discretionary days, may be accumulated on a quarterly basis per year as a result of not using more than four sick hours per quarter.

Wellness Day:

One wellness day off utilizing sick pay per year. To qualify for a wellness day the Corrections Officer must have completed their one year probationary period and have 100 hours of sick leave accrued.

Sick Leave:

Sick leave accrues at the rate of 15 days per year.

Other Leaves:

Other types of leave such as FMLA, military, personal, emergency, disability, etc. are available for qualifying circumstances.


Regular, full-time employees qualify for health, prescription drug, vision and dental insurance. There is a co-pay of the monthly insurance premium by the employee.
Additionally, a $40,000 life insurance policy is provided for the employee at no cost to the employee.

CCNO is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Note: If selected for employment you may be required to sign a twelve month employment reimbursement agreement. Regular attendance is a required condition of employment.

This publication does not constitute a contract in fact or implied.

For Current Employees

To comply with the Transparency in Coverage rule being instituted in July 2022, this link will provide information on medical procedures covered by our insurance plan.