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APRIL 15, 2016


    Volunteers at the Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio received special recognition to include honoring the Volunteer of the Year during the 25th annual Volunteer Recognition Banquet held Thursday, April 14.

    Volunteer John Drown of Defiance was named the CCNO Volunteer of the Year 2015.  He serves as the coordinator of the Catholic Corrections Ministers of Northwest Ohio.  John is employed as a sales representative in the Defiance office of McNaughton-McCay Electric Company of Ohio.  He and his wife, Donna, have four grown children and 10 grandchildren along with two on the way.  They are members of St. John Catholic Church in Defiance.  John serves as a lector at the church.

    John was recognized for helping serve as the main coordinator for the Catholic group who provide continual services to the offenders at CCNO.  Those services are offered to men and women in minimum, medium and maximum security units.  John has been a dedicated CCNO volunteer since November 1997.  In 2015, he donated 113.75 hours of service.

    CCNO Executive Director Jim Dennis said, "John deserves this recognition for his commitment to providing these services on a consistent basis.  He has always promoted their services and recruiting volunteers to assist.  His 19-year commitment is noteworthy to CCNO and the Catholic Church.  He is a kind and caring person."

    Also receiving recognition were three other volunteers who were considered for the top honor.

    Linda Crow of Toledo was named Top Volunteer for the first quarter of 2015.  Linda has been a long-time volunteer since December 2001.  For several years she coordinated volunteers from Cornerstone Church ministry in conducting Wednesday evening services to all security levels.

    Marge Weber of Defiance was named Top Volunteer for the third quarter of 2015.  She continues to offer religious services to the female population through Catholic Services group. She also assists with the Storybook project that allows female inmates to record reading stories to their young children to maintain contact.

    Sam Sauer of Defiance was named Top Volunteer for the fourth quarter of 2015.  He serves as a religious volunteer with Catholic Services, helping conduct weekly services as well as distributes Bibles and reading glasses.  Sam is a member of the Reach Up board that provides a Lead Chaplain and various services to CCNO.

    During 2015, some 233 volunteers offered services at CCNO and donated 9,066.25 hours.  According to the Corporation of National and Community Service, an hour donated by a volunteer amounts to $23.07.  When totaled, that amounts to $209,158.40 worth of services and programs provided to offenders at CCNO.

    Services and programs provided by volunteers include religious services, Bible studies, one-to-one counseling, substance abuse education classes, HARC life skills classes, AA services, storybook project, and baptisms.  The Lamplighters group provides reading glasses, holiday greetings, clothing and other necessary materials for the offenders.  Volunteers also serve on the CCNO Citizen's Advisory Committee providing input and feedback on jail operations.  Volunteers are from Defiance, Fulton, Henry, Lucas and Williams counties.  Some 22 different denominations provide services to offenders each day at the jail.

    CCNO is currently in need of NA and AA volunteers, especially female NA and AA volunteers.  Volunteer applications can be found on the CCNO web page at www.ccnoregionaljail.org .  All applicants must pass a criminal background and attend a training orientation. For further information on becoming a CCNO volunteer contact Manager Linda Shambarger at linda.shambarger@noris.org or 419-428-3800 ext. 406.

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