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MARCH 3, 2015   

Officials from the Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio were notified Tuesday that the Lucas County Commissioners adopted a resolution calling to withdraw from the regional jail effective Dec. 31, 2018.  CCNO officials are awaiting a certified copy of the actual resolution, as required by the CCNO operating agreement, so it can be reviewed. 

CCNO officials were aware that such action was possible following last week’s board meeting in which Lucas County and Toledo officials disagreed about billing procedures for offenders housed at the regional jail.

CCNO Board Chairman Sheriff Dave Westrick said “It was a tough decision, but state statute and case law had to be honored.”

The CCNO board voted last week to endorse the decision made by CCNO Executive Director Jim Dennis that Lucas County would be billed for offenders sentenced by Toledo Municipal Court and charged under the Ohio Revised Code.  Lucas County officials had asked that billing be based on the sentencing court as had been past practice before Toledo changed its arrest procedures in October 2014.  During the board meeting, Mr. Dennis had said he sought legal counsel, read and reviewed legal and legislative opinions and made changes in the billing system which were allowed under the operating agreement.

Sheriff Westrick said that he hoped that the original six members – Lucas, Defiance, Fulton, Henry and Williams counties and the City of Toledo – would remain intact. 

Sheriff Westrick reminded all CCNO officials the regional jail operations and physical structure are considered state of the art in the field of corrections.  CCNO is accredited by the American Correctional Association – only one of five jails in Ohio – as well as certified by the Ohio Department of Corrections.

Sheriff Westrick reminded all officials that the mission of CCNO is to protect the public, employees and inmates while operating a cost effective detention facility for all six jurisdictions.

CCNO was Ohio’s first regional jail.  It cost some $21.3 million to build the facility which is fully paid for and funded.  Lucas County paid $3.4 million and Toledo paid $3.8 million in construction cost back in 1990 to be part of the regional jail and guaranteed specified jail beds on a yearly basis.  As of 2015, Lucas County’s share of the facility is 31.8 percent or 203 beds while Toledo’s share is 35.7 percent or 228 beds.

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