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FEBRUARY 24, 2016


    Two employees received special recognition during the Feb. 24 meeting of the Corrections Commission of Northwest Ohio.

     Corrections Officer Tia Whitman was named CCNO Employee of the year for 2015.  She has been employed at CCNO since Aug. 20, 2001.  She makes her home in Bryan and has three children.

     Tia was nominated for the honor for her quick response when finding a female inmate unresponsive in August 2015.  According to reports, Officer Whitman was assigned to the female minimum security unit when she heard a noise coming from the bunk area that made her believe something was not right.  Officer Whitman walked over to where the sound came from and observed an offender unresponsive.  She immediately called for a medical emergency.  Staff arrived, CPR was administered and the AED was used.  It was noted that Officer Whitman’s quick response during an unusual occurrence helped all available staff to react quickly and save a life.

      CCNO Executive Director Jim Dennis said, “Tia’s instincts were correct.  Her actions saved this person’s life.  Medical and security staff worked together as a life saving team, which is consistent with their training.  While this was a team effort, Tia’s initial actions were key to that inmate’s survival.  Staff will continue to train to prepare future responses to crises.

     Nurse Sam Helms was named CCNO Contract Employee for 2015.  Sam has an LPN license and has been employed at CCNO since 2009.  He is a contract employee with Correct Care Solutions.  Sam has been attending Rhodes College in Lima working on his RN license.  He makes his home in Napoleon.

     Sam was nominated for the honor by a Corrections Officer who noted that during an inmate’s suicide attempt, Sam demonstrated good leadership skills.  He was competent, decisive and gave clear instructions for officers to follow resulting in a life being saved.   Mr. Dennis said, “Sam was a leader and clearly in charge of this medical emergency.  This is another example where training and team work come together for a positive resolution.  Sam is a respected member of the medical team.  CCNO staff train to protect those in their care and supervision.”

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