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FEBRUARY 22, 2017

    An employee who helped area police solve two break-ins received special recognition during the Feb. 22 meeting of the Corrections Commission of Northwest Ohio.

    Derek Doornbos, Community Corrections Specialist, was named CCNO Employee of the Year for 2016.  He has been employed at CCNO since June 9, 2014. 

    Derek was nominated for the honor for helping Toledo and Bedford, Mich. police solve two break-ins.  He had seen an unsolved breaking and entering video that had been shown on Toledo WTOL Channel 11 News and noticed that the person who did the break-in was wearing an ankle monitor. 

    Derek reviewed all Toledo offenders who had been placed on the CCNO electronic monitoring program as well as their movements and mapping information.  He then was able to discover that it was the same offender at the locations of the break-ins as well as matched the dates and the times the break-ins took place.  The offender was a pretrial defendant and had no restricted movements as he was court ordered to monitor only.  Toledo police were notified and the offender was charged with the break-in as well as the break-in that took place in Michigan.  The GPS monitoring device confirmed he was at the Michigan location as well.  Derek was commended for taking the time to look into the matter, helping law enforcement charge the offender for the crimes.

    CCNO Executive Director Jim Dennis said, “Derek put forth a lot of effort to aide in solving those crimes.  He has a ‘can do attitude’ that makes him an asset for CCNO.  


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