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Board Meeting

October 26, 2016    

    It was business as usual for the Corrections Commission of Northwest Ohio, setting aside the turmoil created in the past 18 months by the withdrawal of the City of Toledo, as members approved various financial budgets, established bed usage and amended the jail operating agreement.

All 10 members of the CCNO board unanimously approved the sixth amended and restated organizational and operating agreement.  The revised agreement excludes the City of Toledo which had been a voting member of the board since the regional jail commission was created in 1987.  The agreement stipulates a three-year notice in the event any member wants to withdraw from the commission.  The agreement does allow the county members to enter into negotiations with municipalities to rent a portion of their allocated bed numbers.

With the changes made, Lucas County becomes the largest county allocated 323 beds of the member beds at CCNO for 2017.  This represents 49% of the funded beds.  All the remaining counties remain the same with Defiance County at 60 beds or 11.32 percent; Fulton County and Williams County each at 55 or 10.38 percent; and Henry County at 37 or 6.98 percent.

Board members approved the $14.05 million operating budget for 2017 with the per diem rate of $72.67 for the 530 beds, an increase of .9 percent over 2016.  Members also approved a capital account fund for 2017 totaling $241,000 at a cost to each county of $1.25 per bed per day.  Funds will finance building repairs and the purchase of new buses.

Also approved was the 2017 reserve fund totaling $160,000.  Each county‚Äôs share is based on the percentage of bed usage.  The reserve fund will provide funding for unexpected costs and avoid cutbacks as was necessary when Toledo failed to pay its share of jail costs this year.

Board members approved a $1,000 incentive to each CCNO employee.  The recommendation came from the CCNO financial overview committee.  Henry County Commissioner Bob Hastedt said the board wanted to recognize those employees who stuck it out during the tough times and put in extra time to help restructure CCNO.           

While total beds between the five counties totals 530, CCNO will still be allowed to use unreserved beds.  Currently 40 beds are being utilized by the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections through the post release control program.  CCNO is finalizing a grant with the ODRC for an additional 88 beds for Defiance, Fulton, Henry, Lucas and Williams counties to be used to house low level fourth and fifth degree felons by Nov. 1.  Another option still on the table is the rental of beds to federal officials.  This revenue will be used for general operating costs.  Effective November 1, all 638 beds will be funded.

In his operational report, CCNO Executive Director said the inmate population peaked in July, dropped in August and averaged 560 in September.  He noted that two units are currently closed, allowing staff and inmate cleaning crews to clean and detail each of units to spruce up the 26-year-old facility.

Members met in executive session for 10 minutes to discuss imminent litigation.  No action was taken.

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