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Board Meeting

June 30, 2016    

    No action was taken after officials met in executive session for two hours to discuss pending litigation following a court ruling involving the City of Toledo versus Lucas County, Defiance County, Fulton County, Henry County, Williams County and the Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio.

Board members met in executive session Thursday morning for the purpose of discussing pending and possible litigation.  The judge ruled that the Fifth Amended and Restated Operating Agreement was invalid and that the City of Toledo entered into a contract with the Corrections Commission of Northwest Ohio and is presently bound under the Fourth Amended and Restated Operating Agreement to pay for 228 beds at the regional jail.

Williams County Commissioner Al Word asked that the board meet in executive session that did not include Toledo because they had sued the members. 

Toledo Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson said she came to the board meeting to openly discuss the issues.  She said she wanted to resolve the matter and move forward.

CCNO Attorney Marc Fishel said there is no legal authority to exclude board members although Toledo could graciously excuse itself.  He said all board members have a dual responsibility to serve the best interest of CCNO as well as the jurisdictions they represent.  He emphasized that everything said in the executive session cannot be revealed or used to benefit other jurisdictions that could result in the detriment to CCNO’s case.

     Two hours later, board members came out of executive session and went into regular session. CCNO Attorney Fishel said a proposal was discussed with no action taken by the board.  He said board members were not in a position to agree to what was being proposed for many reasons.  He said at this point, the CCNO Fourth Amended and Restated Operating Agreement remained in effect per the ruling and Toledo should pay the $1.3 million by tomorrow (July 1) that is owed CCNO. 

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