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Board Meeting

June 24, 2015    

Billing highlighted Wednesday's regular meeting of the Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio. 

Lucas County Commissioner Pete Gerken asked if the bills had been adjusted to reflect the approved bylaw changes made at the May meeting.  CCNO Fiscal Manager Tonya Justus noted that the bill was correct and also said the jurisdictions are billed quarterly for their allocated beds.  They are also billed monthly for any over utilization of their bed allocation.

CCNO Board Chairman Dave Westrick said the CCNO attorney will advise the board on previous bills.

Board members discussed billing affecting Lucas County and the City of Toledo and whether the matter would have to be resolved in court.  They were also made aware that Lucas County and Toledo remain in a legal disagreement over the criminal code issue that is scheduled to be heard in court in December 2015 as it has an impact on pretrial offenders housed at the Lucas County Jail.  No members from the City of Toledo were present during the board meeting.

CCNO board members met in executive session for 23 minutes to discuss possible litigation.  In open session, board members agreed to authorize the executive director and the board chairman to engage in legal counsel, outside of regular counsel, for pending litigation.

Executive Director Jim Dennis said Wednesday's population stood at 567 or 88 percent.  He said the population peaked to 599 one weekend in June in which Defiance County, Toledo and Williams County were over their bed allotments.

Mr. Dennis said he continues to seek information in regards to the care and treatment of those addicted to heroin and incarcerated at CCNO.  He said he has been in contact with the Lucas County Mental Health and Recovery Services Board, Fulton County Adams Board, National Commission on Correctional Health Care, the Ohio Department of Mental Health and other agencies.  He said possible grant funding and specialized programs are being looked into for implementation at CCNO.

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