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Board Meeting

May 13, 2015    

Action on proposed changes to the operating agreement for the Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio were delayed another two weeks to allow officials and judges from the City of Toledo and Lucas County to continue talks.

CCNO officials had gathered for a special board meeting on Wednesday expecting to discuss some 11 proposed changes to the operating agreement that were prompted by two recent meetings of a special ad hoc committee. 

Toledo Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson said discussions with Lucas County continue and that they have been able to have “robust” dialog, asking that all parties be allowed to continue their discussions for another two weeks.  She said they thought they would be able to conclude their talks but another entity has also been included in the talks and additional time was needed.

CCNO Board Chair Dave Westrick said they have come a long way and supported the two week extension.

With that said, the board agreed to meet in special session on May 27 at which Toledo and Lucas County officials agreed the issues will be brought to the table.

The changes to the 27-year-old CCNO operating agreement -- which has been revised four other times -- were prompted when Toledo stopped its practice of arresting offenders under its municipal codes and, instead, charged under state law shifting the incarceration costs to Lucas County.  The issue was referred to the special ad hoc committee that came up with draft language to revise the CCNO operating agreement. 

In regards to another tabled issue, CCNO will not be part of a proposed state litter program.  Defiance County Commissioner Otto Nicely said he polled county commissioners in the five-county area who were not in favor of participating in partially funded state litter program.  He said the project was not cost effective.

Dennis Sullivan, Director of Security and Operations, said state funding was increased slightly but it still did not make the project cost effective plus it would be difficult to manage.

The Ohio Department of Transportation had contacted CCNO about using inmates picking up trash on highways.  Mr. Sullivan said each county could receive up to $35,000 to cover most of the cost of a special litter crew that would go out two to three times per week under the supervision of a CCNO officer.

Mr. Sullivan invited board members to tour the facility as security upgrades at CCNO are near completion.  The $640,000 in upgrades include enhanced locking systems and intercoms, updated door controls, installation of touch screen command stations, and increased cameras that are motion activated.

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