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Pay-for-Stay Program

    Pursuant to the Ohio Revised Code, Sections 307.93, 2929.37 and 2929.38, it is the policy of the Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio (CCNO) to assess a reception fee and a Pay-for-Stay ™ fee to convicted persons to offset the costs associated with the housing of that person.  The Corrections Commission of Northwest Ohio recognizes the importance of offender accountability, the cost of incarceration and its increasing tax burden on the citizens of Northwest Ohio.  Therefore, offenders may be required to pay for the cost of their incarceration at CCNO.

    CCNO has entered into a contract with Intellitech Corporation to provide collection services for Pay-for-Stay ™.  To speak with a pay for stay coordinator, please call toll free 888-314-7214.

    The following are the guidelines in place for this program:

         $100.00 reception fee is taken upon booking. Any funds in excess of $100.00 will be placed in an inmate account. 

         If an offender is sentenced to serve weekends at CCNO, they will be charged the $100.00 reception fee upon their first booking.

       If the offender does not have $100.00 upon booking, a negative balance will be placed in their inmate account and any funds placed into their inmate account will be applied towards the $100.00 reception fee until paid in full.

       The daily pay-for-stay fee is the per diem cost of CCNO’s budget.  The current pay-for-stay fee is $72.67.  If the CCNO budget is adjusted higher or lower, this daily pay-for-stay fee will be adjusted accordingly.  This fee will not be removed from the inmate account daily.  The inmate account summary given to you upon your release will show the pay-for-stay fee.  Intellitech will send an official invoice in the mail after your release.

        Work release and HITT offenders will pay the $100.00 reception fee.  They will be exempt from the daily pay-for-stay fee while they are in the work release or HITT programs.  If an offender is removed from work release or HITT for any reason, they will be charged the daily pay-for-stay.  While the offenders is in work release or HITT, those programs normal program fees will apply.

      Offenders who are placed directly into the electronic monitoring/GPS program will not be charged a reception fee or daily pay-for-stay fee. Normal program fees will apply.

        Upon being released from CCNO if the inmate account has a balance above $25.00, CCNO may take the amount of the offender's final inmate account balance above $25.00.  If the inmate account balance is $25.00 or less the offender will be released with that balance.

       If you are a pre-trial detainee and are found not guilty of all charges and have not spent any time at CCNO on a sentenced charge, you can receive a reimbursement of the reception fee and will not be charged the daily pay-for-stay fee.  You will need to apply to Intellitech for a refund of any fees paid.  You will need to present a journal entry or other court document demonstrating that you have been found not guilty to Intellitech.  CCNO is not responsible for the return of any funds.  Intellitech, under the terms of the contract with CCNO, assumes this function. 

        If an offender has been assessed jail fees by their sentencing Court, they will need to provide documentation to Intellitech to receive reimbursement of the CCNO jail fees imposed.

Page last updated January 16, 2018