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Work Release Program

JANUARY 31, 2012   

    Community corrections programs continue to operate at the Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio and bring in revenues to local jurisdictions.

    Such programs include the Work Release program which allows current employed individuals to continue working at their jobs while serving time in jail.

    In 2011, there were 253 participants in the Work Release program, up from 210 in 2010. 

    The Work Release Program includes HITT (Helping Inmates Through Training) which is a job/education training program for qualified inmates who are placed with area employers.  HITT participation stood at 38 in 2011, an increase from 25 in 2010. 

    Under the Work Release Program, all participants are required to surrender their paychecks with 25 percent of their net pay applied towards their jail costs.  Participants are also encouraged to pay a portion of their court fines and fees.

    In 2011, jail feels collected totaled $54,157.34, up from $42,596.79 collected in 2010.  Jail fees were forwarded to participating jurisdictions as follows: Defiance $3,418.44; Fulton $2,724.39; Henry $16,491.98; Lucas $1,739.20; Maumee $974.31; Oregon $724.28; Sylvania $7,497.11; Toledo $6,635.79; and Williams $13,951.84.

    Also $4,746.13 in court fees were collected in 2011, up from $3,991.61 collected in 2010.  Court fees were forwarded to the following: CCNO $1,001.13; Fulton County Eastern $360; Fulton County Western $280; Lucas County Common Pleas $465; Maumee Municipal $80; Oregon Municipal $120; Toledo Municipal $2,440.

    Since the Work Release program began in 1990, a total of $2.3 million in jail fees and $350,081 in court fees has been collected.  Inmate participation from 1990 to 2011 totaled 8,459 on Work Release and 2,567 on HITT for a grand sum of 11,026.

    CCNO Executive Director Jim Dennis said, “Maintaining employment is important in this economic environment.  When jail is required or appropriate, job retention must be a focus at sentencing.  Maintaining employment is the most important variable in preventing recidivism.”

    Requirement criteria for participating in the Community Corrections Programs include convicted misdemeanor or non-violent felon; no mental/physical problems; past criminal background check; screened by classification and community corrections staff; no threat to society; no escape/attempted escape charge in past 10 years; no conviction of sex crime; and no contagious disease.

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